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What is Auddly?
Get paid & credited correctly
Auddly is a song data hub for all the world’s music creators. Regardless of who you are or who you are signed to – Auddly is your way to take control of your songs and rights, wherever you are. Free of charge all the way.
“I manage my songs, collaborations and music rights in Auddly. It makes my work so much easier – both as a songwriter and producer.”
Max Martin
Songwriter, producer and partner
Why thousands of people use Auddly already
  • Collect song info and files, all in one safe place
  • Immediate sync with co-writers and producers
  • Handle split agreements and credits digitally
  • Share song updates with publishers & managers
“Auddly is a great tool for music creators to gather and store all song information.”
Björn Ulvaeus
Songwriter, producer and partner
“I partnered with Auddly because I think their initiative is both important and truly smart.”
Ash Pournouri
What does Auddly do
  • Secure correct payments and credits for you and your co-creators.
  • Spend less time on chasing (or being chased for) info and files.
  • Avoid miscommunication by using one synced source of truth.
  • Get more time to be creative. More music, less distractions.
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