Auddly is a revolutionary song project platform.

What is Auddly?

Auddly is a revolutionary song project management hub where music creators can self-manage their songs, collaborations and music rights. Our digital platform and mobile app provides everything you need to simplify your creative and administrative workflow.

Auddly is not a rights society and not a publisher – it's a whole new way to effortlessly collect all information connected to a song, including who wrote it, splits, publisher affiliations – everything necessary for music creators to get paid and credited correctly.

Auddly is free to use for all music creators.
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Why we created Auddly

As songwriters and producers, we realized that we spent way too much time on searching for files, sending versions to different people – and, on top of that, trying to handle our admin and rights management. We just want to stay creative and do what we love – not struggle with missing information, disputes and incorrect payments.

We also found that we weren't the only music creators having these problems. Millions of dollars are continuously stuck in a so-called “black box”, because the music services, collecting societies and publishers don’t have the information they need to pay it out to the songwriters.

So we decided to build one joint hub that optimizes all music makers workflow – as well as make it easy to collect and share all the necessary information in order to get paid accurately in the end. That's why we created Auddly.

Who is Auddly for?

Auddly enables you to manage your creativity, your collaborations and your music business – all with full transparency, full control with minimal risk of problems and maximum opportunity for accurate payments.


As a songwriter you are using Auddly to achieve full control over all your compositions and creations. We want you to experience a completely new, simpler and more effective way of handling splits, metadata, alternative versions and lyrics. It enables you to help make sure you get properly compensated when your work is used.

Publisher and manager

With Auddly you’re able to easily keep track of the status of each of your writers and their works. You will also be able to communicate with all parties involved in a song and gain access to all other data connected with each work, including IPI numbers, to correctly register each work and avoid disputes.

Rights society

We know that accuracy is central for right societies. Auddly provides correct and clear registrations with accurate split documentation and IPI verifications of both songwriters and publishers, which simplifies the registration process and minimises the risk for disputes and other problems.

Producer and musician

For producers, musicians and other members of the music production community, Auddly makes it easy to communicate clearly with all people involved in the recording. It makes it easy to document where the recording was made and who played on it, at the time of recording each title – instead of when the record is being released and memory may be a bit sketchy – which assures correct compensation for everyone.

Master owner

The ultimate tool for managing the entire production and recording process. A full documentation of producers and performers with complete metadata of all the different versions. Auddly will also deliver the complete label copy, both for internal use but also to distributors who will be able to present full participant data to their customers.

Digital service provider

With complete documentation of the creative process, including information about songwriters, composers, producers, musicians and all other master metadata, Auddly delivers new opportunities for consumer services.