Auddly releases awaited pitch and share features
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Auddly releases awaited pitch and share features

Song data hub Auddly adds new pitch and share features. This addition will facilitate more organized workflow by allowing creators and publishers to handle all data and file management from one source.

The pitching stage of music production typically involves sending audio files back and forth, which often adds up to a lot of scattered versions. To enable songwriters and publishers to easily manage all of their work in one place, Auddly has introduced two new features that allow creators to pitch and share their output.

“Playlist” is the Auddly pitch tool that enables publishers to access audio files directly from their creators, manage their pitching via playlists and generate shareable links (listening) with a selected expiry date. Available in Auddly Business.

“Share” lets creators easily generate links (listening and download) of their audio files and share with co-writers, publishers or labels. Available in Auddly Creative.

“These features have been widely requested by our users, and we’re excited to release them,” says Christian Råsmark, COO & CPO, Auddly AB. “Pitching and sharing song versions is a vital part of the creative process, and with these features we make it easy and secure.”