Auddly supports European gender equality program Keychange
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Auddly supports European gender equality program Key..

Musikcentrum Sweden, in collaboration with Way Out West and Auddly, leads the Swedish contingent of gender equality program Keychange, which is a collaboration between seven European countries. Five Swedish artists will participate in the program, during which female artists and key industry figures will collaborate for greater industry equality.

Keychange is a global collective working to accelerate gender equality in the music industry through networking and showcases. Taking place in 2017-2018, the initiative was founded by British copyright organization PRS for Music Foundation. In Sweden the program is led by non-profit freelancer collective Musikcentrum, with support from Way Out West and Auddly.

Five female artists and five female industry figures from six countries – Sweden, Spain, Iceland, Germany, Estonia and United Kingdom – have been selected to participate in Keychange. Artists Iman, Gnučči, Pale Honey, Vaz and TMRW * will represent Sweden. Swedish industry representatives are Anna Ingler, Upfront Producer Network, Theodora Nordqvist, Manager and CEO of Parents House, Anna Christoffersson, communicator, vlogger and musician, Cecilia Vaz of Studio XX and Vaz, and Malin Ingrid Johansson, a filmmaker and photographer specializing in music.

“Dedicated work for gender equality and diversity is crucial to the future of music. With its global power, we really believe Keychange can contribute to a more inclusive industry. It means a lot for us to support their work”, says Niclas Molinder, founder and CEO Auddly.