Make data collection from creators easy.
The revenue losses (and time-wasting) due to incomplete and unmatched song data are huge. Publishers and managers need a smoother way to collect data from creators in order to secure clean registrations.
Let us show you how simple it could be.
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Receive real time info – straight from the studio.
We know how time consuming it is to chase creators for data. Use Auddly to receive real time info – straight from the studio, as it happens.
Whether you belong to the creative or copyright department, Auddly enables you to:
  • Collect all song data in one place
    All song info – writers, producers, titles, splits, contact info, files, label copy etc. – in one safe synced place.
  • Track split data and history
    Follow your creators' split proposals and statuses – and store the final splits.
  • Access complete label copy info
    Access a transparent, digital label copy with no room for misunderstandings.
  • Share info with all relevant parties
    Everyone with access can find all info on Auddly. No more sending files back and forth – it’s on Auddly!
  • Secure clean registrations
    Correct info leads to clean registrations. Clean registrations makes your job easy.
One truth – always in sync.
Simply access all info connected to the songs you work on from any device – and share it with all relevant parties.
One true source of info for everyone involved takes your communication to another level and avoids any misunderstandings.
“I manage my songs, collaborations and music rights in Auddly. It makes my work so much easier – both on the songwriter and producer side.”
Max Martin
“Auddly has the potential to revolutionize the way we do business. Today we spend an inordinate amount of time correcting errors, resolving disputes and if we can take out that waste then we can save a lot of money in our operations down the line”
Robert Ashcroft, CEO PRS For Music
“Auddly is a great tool for music creators to gather and store all song information, as well as tracks and lyrics, for easy access wherever you are.”
Björn Ulvaeus of ABBA
“I partnered with Auddly because I think their initiative is both important and a truly smart, organic development of what musical collaboration should be like today and tomorrow”
Ash Pournouri, former Avicii manager
More time, more money.
  • Full control of your creators' work
    Access verified works info collected at source, in the studio
  • Everything in one place
    Label copy, audio files, lyrics, split discussions, contact details and more
  • Synced info – clean registrations
    No more revenue loss due to disputes or unmatched data
30 day free trial
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